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Author: Staff Kroplus

Author: Cristina Sodano

The idealization of reality, imagination, fantasy, following the indeterminateness of the representation. As if conscience ‘suggested’ a very light and exterior degree of comprehension and awareness, up to arrive to a deep representative aim in the end of the sensory path. Colours are lively, intense, bright; the decisive graphic lines want to highlight the idea that arises from the intimate with strength; painting is instinctive, quick, not much hefty, written in an almost immediate way, with the aim to bring shape and life to the inspired thought, with the fear that it could soon disappear. Cristina Sodano class ’77, was born and lives in Naples. Graduated in Architecture on 2002, graduated at the Beaux Art Academy of Naples in 2008. She has exposed her works in several collective extemporaneous and personal exhibitions, since 2004. “In his paintings emerges the dialectical union between painting and architecture. The strong mould made of signs builds an architectural scaffolding which has a big solidity on which a chromatic palette full of emotions stretches out.” A. Della Corte “Cristina Sodano, through the painting, realises an unpublished story, a meditated experience of life, travelling with the memory between spaces which have been experienced or imagined and evoking human cutouts which are not defined realistically, as in a book of fairy tales, which denounce a pregnant and emotive interior spirituality. They are given balances between shape and expression, between the quality of the execution and the theme which has been debated, between the necessity of research set of solutions and the will to explain their own thought.”M. Lansione Later, after he had executed a graphic research of dresses and original models for years in the 2012, she starts a course of model building and needlework and starts in creating dresses, especially manually painted foulard.Her last personal exhibition has been realised in Naples in the Centre Pascotto of ophthalmology and surgery in avenue Umberto I no°179. Facebook page:

Translator: Irene Mirizzi

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